Look to the sea gentle flower.

Look to the sea gentle flower. Inhale deep and fill your lungs with fresh air and fragrance that fills your nostrils. Clear your head of all the troubles and entanglements of the day to day entrapments. Face towards the sun as it rises far above you and warms you with it's radiant beauty. Know that tho you are small and delicate, and your life is just a splash in time. You are Loved. Your life has meaning. You do not pass through this life unnoticed, The world rejoices that you are here, that you leave your mark in her. Your every footstep leaves an impression, Your every breath changes her composition, Your thoughts do matter, Your tears are counted, every one of them. You are being Heard. You are being Seen. You are Loved. Get up little Flower Show your beauty to the world Enrich her with your beautiful color Enrich her with your wonderful fragrance Spread your love to those around you and rest assured that they benefit from you. You are loved little flower, You are loved.