This males view of a female in business

I've heard it said that a female does not gain the same respect or garner the same wage as a male counterpart.

Well, in this area all I have is a humble opinion. I like females, and I like them in leadership roles in business. And here comes the "but" actually not really.

As a male, I get up in the morning, shower, and then get dressed. I'm not one for shaving every day as I have sensitive skin and break out if I shave. So, aside from that I brush my teeth, brush my hair, take a quick look in the mirror and I'm done for the day. If I happen to do something that gets me dirty I'm not opposed to showering twice or even three times a day. Outside of being dirty, I have very little need or use for a mirror. The thought of what I look like rarely ever enters my mind.

As I look at my female counterpart I see a couple of different types, some that are concerned about their looks and some that are not. As a typical male, I have nothing against a good looking female, nothing against legs, shoulders, cleavage, or the occasional wink. I can even get the warm fuzzies.

Looking at a male I'm quickly drawn to his face, especially when in business attire. The suits all look the same to me, the shiny shoes, a wristwatch, a necktie. Boring.

So, back to the female, one female seems to be constantly concerned about her looks and how she appears to other people if she is being noticed if people find her attractive. I'm a male, I'm at work, I'm thinking about work, I'm married with kids, what use do I have for thoughts of an enticing nature at all.

It's much easier for me to see a female that gives off no confusing messages at all. If her attire just draws my attention to her face and more specifically her eyes I don't get any confusing messages, it's all business.

To me, a female that dresses to business standards in the field she is in is on par and should be on par with myself wage wise. It's all business.

On the other hand, if a female dresses to impress and showcase her femininity all I see is that she is only half business because she is half concerned about her appearance and half concerned about business. Her appearance is usually of little or no monetary value to me, therefore, I'd prefer a female who is all business. She can save being all dolled up for outside of work.

To myself, this also applies to high heeled shoes. If they are not comfortable, what is the reason for wearing them?

There are my thoughts, take them, or leave them.