4am.Rocks Here's Why



4 am Rocks and here is why. 4 am is peaceful and quiet, the sun is not yet up, the children are sleeping and the phone is silent. 


4 am a fabulous time to gather your thoughts, dream your dreams, envision your future, and plan the days and weeks ahead.


In my years of studying and planning I’ve learned a few things.


1 take a notebook to bed with you and if you have a dream, immediately get up and write it down. If you do not write it down you probably won’t remember the dream come morning.


2 take time to meditate. I’m not even sure what meditating is other than clearing one’s head and putting yourself in the moment. Take time in the morning to just breathe, allow your thoughts to be and your creativity to flow.


3 Read, read lots. Reading about how someone who went ahead of you succeeded in fulfilling their dreams, and bringing their dream life into reality, can be very inspiring.


4 Spend time alone and keep many of your dreams to yourself. If you share your dreams too early and with too many people you may find them walking off with your dreams.


5 Set yourself on the right path by first seeing yourself as the Pyramidion of your life and start realizing as soon as possible that it will be the people under you that you train, bring up and care for, will be the people who raise you up to heights that surprise even yourself. Your people are your people, take good care of them.


6 Be thankful. I learned from someone I treasure. Being thankful even for the little things will help you onto bigger things.


7 Give back, would you rather die with a bank full of money or a funeral service full of people who you have helped to get ahead in life? 

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