Are you going to rise as the economy collapses?



Are you going to rise as the economy collapses?

Over the next few months the economy is going to collapse. The interest rates will rise, the price of your basic needs will increase and there will become a lot of homes for sale. Some homes, many homes will get foreclosed upon, investors will take their profits and move their money somewhere else.

As an agent, how many of these new listings are going to have your name on them?

Are you going to keep searching for listings as you have always done? Going to network meetings, social events, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. handing out business cards to anyone who will take them? Or would you rather let people come to you?

Here is a suggestion for you, purchase a domain that you can turn around and sell after your done with it.

My name is Brad Camp and I have a website is it a website that I can sell? NO! And the number of websites I see with the domain name being the name of the listing agent is unreal, and to top it off they don’t own it, the agency that they work for owns it.

Is it time for a change? I own another website along with Can I sell these domains? Yes!

So where is the value in these domains? The domain itself is a lead capture website. I give people free advice online, come across as an expert and then if and when they want to list I get first dibs on the listing. Over the years I work on my business and reputation I can watch the website traffic increase and then when ever I feel like it or if a good offer comes along I can sell the Domain and the website.

If you want you can remain an agent, you could step up and become a broker, or your could become an Investor or better yet a Real Estate Mogul.

Let us help you get started.

at Istockhomes we can help you find some good Domain names for your business, build you a website for listing and acquiring new listings, set up a YouTube Channel, and an online store to accompany them.

To let us help you get started just send us an email

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